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Market-Fresh Mixology
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Market-Fresh Mixology

"Cocktail porn."

--Time Out Chicago

The cocktail is back, and today's diners and drinkers are seeing a bold new integration of culinary art and cocktail culture. Market Fresh Mixology shows you how to integrate terrific fresh ingredients from your farmers market, pantry, or garden in order to mix cocktails at a whole new level. Its simple, clean, and contemporary approach to the cocktail classics introduces a totally new dimension to the idea of seasonal cocktails, with mix recipes appropriate for any time of year.

Market Fresh Mixology includes both innovative and time-tested cocktail recipes using fine spirits and fresh ingredients. Hot Day? Snowbound? Blustery Night? For whatever weather, season, or occasion, Market-Fresh Mixology offers a cocktail recipe — from the refreshing summer Mojito to the cozy Hot Buttered Rum — that's as easy to follow as it is delicious, including suggestions on enhancing a sweet or savory cocktails with seasonal fruits, herbs, and other market-fresh ingredients.

As practical and enjoyable, this book includes beautiful full-color photography, useful tips on cocktail-mixing technique, garnishes, glassware, and bar tools, as well as entertaining popular cocktail lore surrounding the classics.

Creating a wide range of cocktails for all tastes and seasons, award-winning Master Mixologist Bridget Albert, will help you "raise the bar" when it comes to fresh and delicious drinks you can prepare at home. Her unique cocktails are inspired and inspiring, and infused by her passion for the pure and simple.


Title Market-Fresh Mixology
Imprint Surrey
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Title First Published 10 June 2008
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Publication Date 10 June 2008
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Press Reviews
Apr 24, 2009
"If you like to make cocktails at home and appreciate the farm-to-table philosophy, then this book would be right up your alley. "

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