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Vegan Indian Cooking
140 Simple and Healthy Vegan Recipes

"Singla debunks misconceptions that Indian food is spicy, complicated, and unhealthy. Highly recommended, especially for fans of Madhur Jaffrey, Monica Bhide, and Suvir Saran."

--Library Journal, starred review

This beautiful follow-up to Anupy Singla's widely praised first cookbook, The Indian Slow Cooker, is a unique guide to preparing favorite recipes from the Indian tradition using entirely vegan ingredients. The book features more than 140 recipes which are all prepared in healthful versions that use vegan alternatives to rich cream, butter, and meats. In addition, gorgeous color photographs interspersed throughout provide mouth-watering accompaniments to many of the recipes. This book is a must-have for any cook interested in either vegan or Indian cuisine.

Singla's warm, distinctive voice brings alive her passion for easy, authentic Indian food. Some of these recipes are very traditional, but others reflect diverse influences from across the Indian subcontinent. Singla proves that cooking healthy can be both simple and delicious, and that cooking Indian is just a matter of understanding a few key spices. Vegan Indian Cooking shows of Singla's expertise in simplifying and perfecting healthful Indian cooking using custom spice blends, and her recipes make delicious Indian food accessible to even the most harried home chef.


Anupy Singla formerly worked as an on-air TV reporter and anchor for CLTV News, the cable arm of the Tribune Company sister station to Chicago's WGN-TV, and for Bloomberg TV. She's demonstrated her recipes and cooking skills on WGN-TV, WLS-ABC, and numerous network affiliates across the country. Her previous book, The Indian Slow Cooker (Agate Surrey, 2010), has been the number-one bestselling Indian cookbook on since its release. Born in India, she now lives with her husband and two daughters in Chicago.

Anupy makes Chickpea Poppers on WGN Midday News

Anupy tells NPR's Michel Martin of Tell Me More about delicious and healthy Indian vegan recipes that taste great and are good for you.
Vegan Cooking with Anupy Singla
Anupy Singla demonstrates how easy vegan cooking is to ABC7 Chicago.

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Title Vegan Indian Cooking
Subtitle 140 Simple and Healthy Vegan Recipes
Edition First Edition
Author Anupy Singla
Imprint Surrey
Audience 01 General / trade
Title First Published 06 July 2012
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 248 p.
ISBN-10 1-57284-130-3
ISBN-13 978-1-57284-130-7
GTIN13 (EAN13) 9781572841307
Reference no. 978-1-57284-130-7
Publication Date 12 June 2012
Main content page count 248
Dimensions 9 x 8 in.
Weight 25 oz.
List Price $21.95
Format ePub
Nb of pages
ISBN-10 1-57284-702-6
ISBN-13 978-1-57284-702-6
GTIN13 (EAN13) 9781572847026
Reference no. 978-1-57284-702-6
Publication Date 06 July 2012
List Price $9.99

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Anupy makes Chickpea Poppers on WGN Midday News

Vegan Cooking with Anupy Singla
Anupy Singla demonstrates how easy vegan cooking is to ABC7 Chicago.

VIC presskit ( pdf 256 KB )


Press Reviews

Library Journal (starred review)
Jul 1, 2012
It's no surprise that former TV reporter Singla’s debut, The Indian Slow Cooker, has dominated Amazon’s list of bestselling Indian cookbooks. Her practical approach—evident in this

Chicago Tribune
Jul 25, 2012
Anupy Singla scored big in 2010 with her first cookbook, "The Indian Slow Cooker," which used that most humble of American appliances to render delicious Indian dishes at home. Now the former broadcaster-turned-entrepreneur is back with a second book, this one called "Vegan Indian Cooking: 140 Simple and Healthy Vegan Recipes" (Agate Surrey, $19.95). And, as with her first book, readers can expect a can-do candor about cooking from the author.

- Bill Daley

Jun 1, 2012
People pursuing a vegan diet and eschewing all animal products need not endure boring, bland food. Indian cuisine's meatless tradition already has so long and venerable a history that it readily adapts to a vegan regimen. Singla primes her audience for novel culinary thinking by first upending some deeply intractable myths about Indian fare. Not all Indian food is mouth-searingly hot, complicated, or heavy. Nor is curry powder a spice

- Mark Knoblauch

The Mash
Aug 2, 2012
While Singla strives for practicality through "The Indian Slow Cooker" by introducing readers to cooking Indian food whose robust flavor is perfect in slow cookers, she adds another layer to great-tasting and healthy Indian dishes in “Vegan Indian Cooking,” promising that it's not a call to a lifestyle change, but a book of possibilities.

Singla’s writing is simple and relatable, her recipes are well-thought out and her intentions extremely laudable at best.
- Julianne Micoleta

Diets in Review
Jul 9, 2012
Armed with this cookbook, you'll fearlessly master the art of (vegan) Indian cooking without sacrificing your health along the way."


"Singla's first book, The Indian Slow Cooker, is packed with braises, both meat and vegetable-based. Her newest book embodies how she often eats: a vegetable-based diet heavy on herbs, and loaded with flavor."

Tasting Table Review
Aug 20, 2012

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Cookbook author Anupy Singla says people shouldn't be afraid to try Indian cuisine. With straight-to-the-point instructions, Singla writes recipes that are healthy and easy to follow. The Mash talked to Singla about Indian dishes and how it's not all about curry powder anymore.

Anupy Singla adds flavor to American kitchens with Indian dishes
-Julianne Micoleta Aug 2, 2012

Through her writing, cooking and educating about healthy, homestyle Indian food, she is poised to become a household name.

"I'm looking to make a difference in the way people eat," she says.

Chicago's rising food star
-Mike Austin Oct 10, 2012

Chicago-based cookbook author Anupy Singla has cultivated a devoted following by showing readers how to master Indian spices and make great-tasting Indian food at home. In her second offering, Vegan Indian Cooking, she tackles the perhaps more difficult endeavor of demystifying vegan cuisine.
Our Town spoke with Singla about the benefits of eating vegan.

Interview with Chicago Sun-Times blog Our Town
-Sarah Terez-Rosenblum Aug 23, 2012

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