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1,001 Delicious Recipes for People with Diabetes, 3rd ed.
Sue Spitler
A winning combination of the most recent diabetes recommendations and contemporary culinary tastes, this is the most complete collection of diabetes-friendly recipes available today
1,001 Delicious Desserts for People with Diabetes, 2nd edition
Sue Spitler, Linda Eugene, R.D., Linda R. Yoakam
If you are a person with diabetes, you know you have to be careful about what you eat. But healthful food doesn't have to be dull. A best-selling cookbook author and two expert nutritionist select the most delicious diabetes-safe desserts.
1,001 Delicious Recipes for People with Diabetes
Sue Spitler, Linda R. Yoakam
These quick and easy recipes are written in a concise format and use readily available ingredients; the focus is on fresh, seasonal foods. More than 500 of the recipes that can be prepared in 45 minutes or less.
Diabetes Snacks, Treats and Easy Eats for Kids, 2nd edition
130 Recipes for the Foods Kids Really Like to Eat
Barbara Grunes
When children come home from school or sports, they want a snack. Not some gourmet meal, just something simple and tasty and quick to fix. For those with diabetes, these snacks can be especially hard to come by.
Diabetes Snacks, Treats, and Easy Eats, 2nd edition
130 Recipes You'll Make Again and Again
Barbara Grunes
Following on the success of 1,001 Delicious Recipes for People with Diabetes, this is a compilation of favorite recipes for snacks, appetizers, side dishes, cakes, pies, cookies — even ice cream — that are low in fat, carbs, and sodium.
Light and Easy Diabetes Cuisine
Delicious Recipes for People with No Time to Cook
Betty Marks
Betty Marks knows how tired you are of boring, tasteless meals. As an insulin-dependent diabetic for 26 years, she has met the challenges of a controlled eating plan and now shares her wisdom with you.
The Free and Equal Dessert Cookbook
160 Quick and Delicious Low-Calorie, "No Sugar Added" Delights, Featuring Equal
Carole Kruppa
Now you can have your sweets and control your calories, too. None of these 160 great-tasting, easy-to-make desserts has any added sugar, and all are light on fat and cholesterol.
The Free and Equal Cookbook
Over 160 Quick and Delicious "No Sugar Added" Recipes Second Edition
Carole Kruppa
If you want less sugar in your diet—without sacrificing flavor—this is the right cookbook for you. These 160-plus quick and easy recipes are entirely free of added sugar, relying instead on the good-tasting alternative sweetner Equal®.
The Diabetes Double-Quick Cookbook
Betty Marks
With new recipes and a new chapter, “Main Dishes in a Minute,” this second edition offers more than 130 quick, easy recipes; most take less than 15 minutes to prepare. These delicious high-carbohydrate, high-fiber meals are low in fat, sugar, and salt.
Diabetes Cooking 101
Master Diabetes Cooking with 101 Great Recipes
Perrin Davis
The newest release in Surrey's 101 series, devoted to presenting readers with 101 great, tested recipes in a given category, featuring great kitchen and how-to tips, beautiful color photographs, and a clean, simple, contemporary design.