Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose

The Injury, Recovery, and Return of a Chicago Bulls Superstar

by Chicago Tribune Staff

Published by: Agate Digital

100 Pages

  • eBook
  • 9781572844704
  • Published: December 2013
Derrick Rose is a collection of articles, interviews, and features that originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune, as written by the award-winning journalists who followed the Chicago Bulls superstar's yearlong saga of injury and recovery, and his short-lived return for the 2013–2014 season.

Chicago's vibrant and discursive sports culture has perhaps never been more fully on display than during Derrick Rose's lost season. Following his gut-wrenching knee injury in the 2012 playoffs, Rose began the Bulls' 2012–2013 campaign recovering and rehabilitating, and neither team nor player definitively declared a date for his return.

As rumors swirled of Rose's estimated return to a scrappy Bulls team, local fans became increasingly frustrated. Debate raged over talk radio and the blogosphere, misinformation would spread like wildfire, snappy soundbites became amplified like city air raid sirens, and grainy video clips of Rose practicing would be pored over with investigative scrutiny.

This book takes readers on the 2012–2013 season's roller-coaster ride of speculation and hope, and concludes with the initial optimism surrounding Rose's 2013 preseason promise and the eventual devastation of his second season-ending injury. Derrick Rose is the full story of Chicago's homegrown superstar as only the Chicago Tribune could tell it.