The High-Calcium Low-Calorie Cookbook

The High-Calcium Low-Calorie Cookbook

250 Delicious Recipes to Help You Beat Osteoporosis

by Hope S M.M. Warshaw Sc., R.D., C.D.E.

Foreword by David Fardon

Published by: Agate Digital

262 Pages

  • eBook
  • 9781572844889
  • Published: October 2014
The High Calcium Low-Calorie Cookbook presents a tasty panoply of recipes for every occasion that are low in cholesterol and fat, sodium, and calories, and are made without sugar. Veteran cookbook author Betty Marks has collected over 250 fun and creative recipes using often overlooked low-calorie, high-calcium foods. With tasty appetizers, entrees, desserts, and more, this book takes a variety of delicious ingredients and turns them into healthy, easy-to-make meals.

A healthy diet that is rich in calcium yet low in cholesterol is essential from childhood to old age. In particular for women: osteoporosis, or bone loss, affects at least half of North American women. A diet of calcium-rich foods, combined with a regular exercise program, can help slow bone loss and help keep both men and women strong no matter what their age.

Drawing from numerous culinary traditions, Betty Marks delivers a broad spectrum of healthful recipes. From simple salmon dip and lamb kebobs in spinach sauce to curried shrimp with scallops and papaya pistachio cream, the recipes in The High Calcium Low-Calorie Cookbook are unique and flavorful. Home cooks no longer need to compromise, as they can now keep the calcium but cut the fat.