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Don't Die Broke

Steve Marsh

Steve Marsh has been an award-winning professional writer for more than 25 years, a full-time staff writer or correspondent for much of that time and, in recent years, a ghost-writer and writing collaborator of books and book promotion packages related to a variety of topics, including annuities and estate planning. He has been with Money Magazine as its Rocky Mountain regional correspondent for 19 years, as well as contributing to The Rocky Mountain News and Fortune Magazine.

David J. Reindel

As founder, owner and current president of Safe Retirement Advocates, LLC, David Reindel has led his firm to prominence as a nationally recognized leader in life insurance and annuity production. Across the US, he has established a solid reputation as an educator and expert on all types of insurance products. Through his annuity training seminars, thousands of financial professionals nationwide have learned to properly and accurately represent annuity products to other financial professionals and consumers. His consumer seminars have vastly improved the understanding of annuity products for people of all ages, in all stages of the retirement planning process.