Our big book

The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic Cocktails, by Tony Abou-Ganim and Mary Elizabeth Faulkner, is in literal terms the biggest book we’ve published at Agate–it’s taller and wider, and probably also heavier, than anything else we’ve done. It’s big in another important way, though–it’salso the first book for which we’ve ever had to order a reprint in advance of the book’s official publication date (which is today), thanks to the incredible support Tony is getting from friends and allies in the spirits world as he criss-crosses the country talking about the book. There are more on the way, people–but in the meantime, the stores have plenty. It’s a terrific book, but don’t take our word for it–the good people at liquor.com have just furnished the latest of the many wonderful reviews it’s receiving. I love publishing cocktail books–the stories are great, and the parties are better.

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