Beginning of the end for e-ink?

Jon Stokes at ars technica thinks so. Apple and its iPad are providing a vigorous shakeout in this space. Key quotes: “yes, E-Ink is easier on the eyes, but I’ve found that carrying only one device is easier on the shoulders.” And the following:

Now that I’ve gotten used to reading on the iPad, I’ve ditched my Kindle entirely. I’ve now gone back to buying my books in dead-tree format for at-home reading, both because print is more relaxing and because it comes without DRM. I also have a few Kindle copies of some of my books on my iPad for when I travel. So in some cases I’m paying twice for the same book, but the print copy is mine—I honest-to-God own it—while the electronic copy is more of a fee that I pay to be able to read the book on my iPad when I go on a long trip.

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