Fat cookbooks, thin cookbooks, good cookbooks

Over at New York magazine, this hard-hitting investigation of how cookbooks are expanding in size drew a little chuckle here at Agate Surrey, longtime publishers of the 1,001 series of extra-fat, extra-informative titles. Our latest release in this series, devoted to hot and spicy recipes, was just released last month (to positive notices, thank you) and is our fattest yet, at 868 pages.

We love publishing big books like these because they’re so comprehensive and practical, but that doesn’t stop us from producing slimmer, more focused books like our bestselling release of the fall season. The Indian Slow Cooker features just 50 scrupulously conceived and tested recipes (as well as lots of the lush color photography New York sniffs at), but it’s clearly connecting with readers–it’s already in its fourth printing.

Fat or thin–does it really matter? Are you as a reader getting the kinds of books you want? Are publishers providing you with the options you desire? Yes? Then good. Enjoy.

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