“Cooking, like sex, is good for your marriage”

Enjoy this terrific little piece by Michael Ruhlman from the new book Man with a Pan: Culinary Adventures of Fathers who Cook for Their Families, posted over at Slate. Ruhlman does a great job deftly tying in the many benefits cooking can bring to a busy household, but his key point is one that most of the dads I know can really get behind. I could quibble that it’s a little repetitive in how it pushes its message, but as a father who cooks plenty for his own family, I’m happy to see this message pushed.

Humans are animals, so it is not a surprise that nothing we do or express isn’t also done or expressed elsewhere in the animal kingdom. Cooking—and having sex for fun–is what makes us human.

To deny ourselves either diminishes the creatures that we are, and to practice both with greater frequency and competency deepens our humanity, which leads to a more fulfilling life. All good things. Roast chicken and sex: They’re good for you!

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