Bolden Lives

An announcement: Agate is creating a new line of memoirs and autobiographical books by African-American writers. I’m calling it Bolden Lives, and we’ll begin publishing the first books in the line in the fall of 2012 as part of our Bolden imprint. To that end, we are seeking out both new manuscripts and previously published books that are deserving of reissue. Our plan is to publish two books in the Bolden Lives line each season.

I have been contemplating this move for years now, and I am very gratified that Agate has grown to the point where it’s feasible to take this on. I believe there are lots of readers out there who are interested in this kind of writing–readers of all ages and colors–and that a dedicated series like Bolden Lives is a great way to bring these kinds of books to those readers. I welcome your submissions, suggestions, ideas, and any other feedback.

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