Agate and Chicago Tribune ebooks

An announcement: Agate has entered into a partnership with the Chicago Tribune to produce ebooks created from Chicago Tribune-owned content. The ebooks will appear as part of Agate’s new imprint, Agate Digital, which is devoted solely to publishing stand-alone ebook titles. The first ebooks from Agate’s partnership with the Tribune will begin appearing this spring.

The Tribune and Agate Digital will work together to identify potential ebooks that can be derived from Tribune content, and Agate Digital will then create and distribute the ebook editions via its distribution relationship with Publishers Group West. The ebooks will be available for purchase at every ebook retailer, as well as through the Tribune’s and Agate’s own websites, in all major ebook formats.

Agate has produced ebook editions simultaneously with all its printed books since 2009. The Agate Digital venture represents a new foray into purely digital publishing. The imprint is also working directly with writers and editors to develop original brief ebooks and collections, and reissue out-of-print works in new ebook editions.

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