A Handbook for the Travel Writer

A good novelist can sweep readers away on a journey, carrying them to new lands to meet new people and experience new things. Travel writing does much the same thing, but the locations, peoples, and encounters are all real. The travel writer fashions her travel experiences into a narrative that illuminates both her own experiences and the places she was traveling though. Along the way, the travel writer will have to contend with all of the hassles that any normal traveler might face. When she returns, she must also go through a set of potentially overwhelming practical challenges: writing, editing, submitting, and publishing the resulting piece.

This is why we’re pleased to be publishing the seventh edition of the bestselling The Travel Writer’s Handbook, by Jacqueline Harmon Butler and Louise Purwin Zobel (click for a link to Amazon). This handy guide walks readers through the travel writer’s process. From how to pitch a story to planning and researching a trip to conducting on-the-road interviews, The Travel Writer’s Handbook provides a road map for finding success as a travel writer. This new seventh edition contains all the most essential and up-to-date information on how travel writers can tap into mobile and online resources to find new ways to publish and publicize their work, as well as to help with planning and preparation.

We hope you find The Travel Writer’s Handbook helpful. Happy traveling!

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