Anjali Becker on Notre Dame and Campus Sex Assaults

As Salon’s Irin Carmon points out, Notre Dame already has a woman-and-football-players problem. It’s just not the problem that people are talking about right now. In September 2010, St. Mary’s College freshman Elizabeth “Lizzy” Seeberg was found dead of an apparent suicide, just days after alleging that she had been sexually assaulted by a Notre Dame football player. The Chicago Tribune launched a year-long investigation into sexual assaults that take place on campuses all across the Midwest. Their investigation uncovered disturbing evidence of antiquated and obfuscated reporting and prosecuting practices and led to subsequent reforms at schools across the region. Campus Sex Assaults gathers that year-long investigation into one ebook. It is an important story that should be read by sports media, educators, parents, and students alike.

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