Opportunity Knocking and Trump

In the weeks since Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the presidential election, the world has questioned what is to come. Americans, regardless of political leaning, wonder what sort of leader the new president elect will be. Considering that he has no political experience, has provided little transparency for how he conducts his business, and has flip-flopped on many issues after the election and during his campaign, no one seems to know the answer. Perhaps looking back at some of the philosophies that shaped the PEOTUS’s approach to business will shed some light on the issue. Mr. Trump called Opportunity Knocking: Lessons from Business Leaders by Lori Ann LaRocco, published by Agate B2 Books in 2014, “a must-read filled with big ideas from some of the best in business.” He went on to say “LaRocco breaks down the steps to achieving success with a unique and actionable strategy. Compelling.” Can the business strategies housed within LaRocco’s book give us a primer for what to expect starting January 20, 2017? Anything is possible.

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