Agate Relishes the Return of National Hot Dog Day

On this beautiful summer day, the nation pays homage to an American classic and we couldn’t be happier! We hope you are celebrating by eating hot dogs, talking about hot dogs, and perhaps even reading about hot dogs. Here at Agate, we are showing our appreciation for Chicago’s staple cuisine by perusing a favorite— Hot Doug’s: The Book.  

To aid in your celebration, here is some wisdom from Doug Sohn, the man Anthony Bourdain calls “a master practitioner” of the hot dog, on the eternal and polarizing Ketchup Debate:

YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO PUT KETCHUP ON A HOT DOG and other food rules you can disregard

In keeping with famous Chicago hot dog lore, ketchup is not included in “everything” at Hot Doug’s. When a customer asks for everything and adds “no ketchup,” I assure them that ketchup is not part of everything; tsuris like that I don’t need.

Having said that, if you want ketchup, we will add it. I know this is a form of blasphemy in Chicago, but I am a firm believer in the mantra that there are no food rules. Eat what you like.

I did turn a little nauseous when I once watched three adults squeeze a whole lot of ketchup on their foie gras sausages (I’m not kidding). That was disappointing. And, as we all know, putting mayonnaise on a corned beef sandwich should seriously be avoided.

Frankly, we’ll take them either way.

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