Praise for State, out August 13!


 With less than a month until publication, we could not be more excited for the release of State: A Team, a Triumph, a Transformation, a memoir from award-winning sports journalist Melissa Isaacson! Set against the passage of Title IX in 1972, State tells the inspiring story of how an unlikely group of high school girls came together to win one of their state’s first ever girls’ basketball champions. In this gripping memoir, Isaacson shows firsthand how the passage of Title IX transformed sports––and the women who played them––forever.

State has been receiving praise from players, coaches, and fans alike, as well as from many other sports journalists. Why wait for August 13? Pre-order a copy today! 

Praise for Melissa Isaacson’s State

“l loved reading State by Melissa Isaacson. Melissa covered the Bulls for the Chicago Tribune when I played in the NBA, and we had many discussions about our love of basketball. The topic of her high school state title–winning team came up now and then, and I knew she was proud of it. But not until now, after reading her fantastic book, did I realize HOW much basketball meant to her. This is a beautiful story of basketball and life.” —Steve Kerr, head coach, Golden State Warriors

“A labor of love, State is a book suffused with heart and humor. It’s a snapshot of a bygone era, a meditation on women’s sports, and a book that stays with you. Melissa Isaacson has put into words the power of our athletic experiences and the way they resonate in our lives.” —Chris Ballard, senior writer at Sports Illustrated and author of One Shot at Forever 

“The best sports stories aren’t actually sports stories—they’re stories about life, highs, lows, bonds, exceptionalism, tragedy. That’s what makes Melissa Isaacson’s State such a tremendous piece of work. You think you’re reading about a girls’ basketball team, only to discover you’ve been lifted to new emotional heights. What a terrific read.” —Jeff Pearlman, author of Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton and Football for a Buck

“I do not believe I overstate when I say this book belongs in, among all the other places, the Smithsonian, for its evocative, edifying tour of the female mind during the first crucial wave of cultural appreciation for the female athlete.” —Chuck Culpepper, sports reporter for the Washington Post and author of Bloody Confused!

“I have known and admired Melissa Isaacson for three decades but never understood where her unending passion for sports was born until I had the opportunity to read State. In this interesting and insightful journey to a different time, Missy provides a wonderful reminder about the lessons these games provide and the unbreakable bonds they create.” —Mike Greenberg, ESPN host and New York Times bestselling author

“I remember Niles West beating us like it was yesterday. They worked as a team, triumphed through hard times, and were able to transform into winners! Basketball helped Melissa and her teammates find something bigger than just the game—they found inner strength. Anyone picking up this book will be inspired and encouraged to also find their inner strength and, with the help of others, believe in themselves.” —Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympic medalist and founder of the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation

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