Happy National Rum Day!

It’s National Rum Day! Here at Agate we want to celebrate with one of our favorite rum-based cocktail recipes from The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic Cocktails by industry legend Tony Abou-Ganim. It’s fruity, refreshing, and perfect for the summer!


The Jamaican Sunset is one of my poolside favorites. When the mood calls for a rich, flavorful, fruity rumbased cooler, give this one a go. And if your travels bring you within reach of one of his namesake restaurants, by all means stop in and give Trader Vic and his delectable Mai Tai a nod.



1 ½ oz (45 ml) Sailor Jerry Spiced rum

1 ½ oz (45 ml) fresh-squeezed orange juice

1 ½ oz (45 ml) pineapple juice

1 oz (30 ml) fresh lemon sour

½ oz (15 ml) Myers’s Original dark rum

¼ oz (7.5 ml) Sonoma Syrup Co. pomegranate syrup


In a mixing glass, add spiced rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and fresh lemon sour; shake with ice until well blended. Strain into an ice-filled Collins glass. Add pomegranate syrup and watch it slowly descend to the bottom. Top with a float of dark rum—you’ll see how the name came to mind.

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