Super Bowl XX: 5 Interesting Facts about the Bears’ 1985 Season + 20% Off Discount!

The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago Bears
August 18, 2015

The 1980s hold a special place in the hearts of Chicago Bears fans. Throughout the decade, the team posted a total of 92 regular season wins—marking it as the most successful era in Bears history. The highlight of the decade came in January 1986, when the team won their first, and only, Super Bowl championship.

Super Bowl XX, and the near-perfect season that preceded it, forever changed the Chicago Bears franchise. For an insider look at the 1985 season, check out these facts from The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago Bears—available now for 20% off on our website with the code SUPERBOWLXX while supplies last—as we gear up for the release of the new 100th-anniversary edition, available September 1st!

Chicago Bears Trivia: 5 Facts about the Bears’ 1985 Season

The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago Bears: 100th Anniversary Edition
September 1, 2020

Fact #1

The Bears went 15-1 during their 1985 season, losing only to the Miami Dolphins. The final score was 38-24.

Fact #2

In December 1985, 2 months before they had even qualified for the game, the team released a rap song titled “The Super Bowl Shuffle,” which sold over 1 million copies and was nominated for a Grammy.

Fact #3

After defeating the New York Giants 21-0 and the Los Angeles Rams 24-0, the Bears became the first NFL team to record back-to-back playoff shutouts.

Fact #4

An estimated 500,000 people turned out in freezing temperatures for the Super Bowl Parade in Chicago on January 28, 1986.

Fact #5

The Bears’ Super Bowl win ended a 23-year slump during which Chicago won no professional sports titles. The city had not seen such a large-scale victory since the Bears’ won the NFL Championship in 1963.

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