Secure a Successful Thanksgiving Dinner with It’s All in the Timing!


Even for the most experienced home cooks, seamless meal preparation during Thanksgiving can be a stressful chronological puzzle. The more elaborate the meal, the more difficult it is to serve each dish on time and at the right temperature.

But fret no longer! It’s All in the Timing is Gail Monaghan’s ultimate guide to smooth, stress-free home entertaining—what to make, when to make it, and how to avoid common problems, ensuring your meal unfolds like clockwork—culled from Monaghan’s more than 30 years of home entertaining and culinary instruction. With more than 130 recipes, 21 well-crafted menus, and countless tips from Monaghan’s deep knowledge bank, this step-by-step guide enables readers to learn her secrets of prep and process and use them in their own kitchens—a required reading for ambitious home cooks everywhere looking to nail Thanksgiving dinner!

Praise for It’s All in the Timing

“This book teaches you self-assurance and the importance of navigating your way through recipes with a relaxed approach. The recipes are true joy: simple, fun, and delicious!” —Mario Batali, award-winning chef and author of Mario Batali—Big American Cookbook

“Creating a menu so that each dish follows in an orderly manner is one of the trickiest and most crucial parts of hosting a successful dinner party. Gail Monaghan’s It’s All in the Timing tells you her secrets to achieving such a goal. Useful, pragmatic, varied, and well organized, it will boost your confidence and secure your success in the kitchen.” —Jacques Pépin, renowned chef, cookbook author, and PBS cooking show host

“Gail conjures the elegance and ease of the greatest hostesses, but her true talent lies in teaching all of us how to capture a bit of her culinary magic.” —Daphne OzNew York Times bestselling author and cohost of ABC’s The Chew

“Turn yourself into a brilliant at-the-last-minute cook with one wonderful meal after another.” —Jeremiah Tower, James Beard Award–winning chef and cookbook author

It’s All in the Timing is like having Gail herself whispering over your shoulder: ‘Don’t panic!’ It’s a must have in any kitchen.” —Peter Elliot, editor-in-chief of Bloomberg Reserve / DINE

“Finally, a cookbook that strikes the right balance of good taste and practicality. Gail Monaghan pours her heart and talent into this collection of recipes for everyday and special occasions, organizing your time for you. It’s one of those tomes that makes you a better, more confident cook.” —Andrew Friedman, bestselling cookbook author and food writer

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