Diversify Your Bookshelf for Black History Month

February is Black History Month! If you are looking for books to read this month, check out the below titles from our Bolden imprint.


The Color of Love

The debut memoir by Marra B. Gad, a mixed-race Jewish woman who chooses to help her racist, abusive, estranged Great-Aunt Nette after she develops Alzheimer’s, a disease that slowly erases Nette’s prejudices, allowing Marra to develop a relationship with the woman who shunned her in youth.


The Last Thing You Surrender

The latest novel by bestselling author Leonard Pitts, Jr. set during World War II and centered on two families—one white, one black—this is a page-turning American epic of race and war.



Derrick Barnes’s smooth, fresh words and Gordon C. James’s lush, vibrant illustrations capture the confidence, pride, and magic black and brown boys feel the moment they get a new haircut and admire their own beautiful reflections in the mirror.


Someone Had Led This Child to Believe

This is the follow-up to Regina Louise’s acclaimed debut memoir, Somebody’s Someone (2003), about growing up in the foster-care system. Louise weaves together raw, sometimes fragmented memories, excerpts from real documents from her case file, and elegant reflections to tell the story of her painful upbringing and what came after. The result is a rich, engrossing account of one abandoned girl’s efforts to find her place in the world, people to love, and people to love her back.



The posthumous memoir of Gail Campbell Woolley, an acclaimed journalist who, after being diagnosed with sickle cell anemia at age seven, made a conscious decision to live a full, eventful, ambitious life and exceeded her life expectancy by more than 20 years.

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