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John Winsor in a necktie?

The New York Times today announces the new venture from Agate B2 author John Winsor, whose Baked In is just coming out, and whose Flipped and Spark are coming out… READ MORE

Kelly Rudnicki in TribLocal

Lots of love from TribCo today for Agate Surrey’s new fall releases–TribLocal profiles Kelly Rudnicki and discusses her wonderful The Food Allergy Mama’s Baking Book.

Godin’s lessons from book retailing

Give Seth Godin credit–he’s one biz guru who’s always brimming with reactions to new developments in the business world. Here he offers some insights drawn from the book industry’s current… READ MORE

Winsor interview at 800 CEO READ

Learn more about the minds behind Baked In, “a small but densely packed read with some great stories and case studies to help you understand how to apply the theories… READ MORE

Atlantic on ebooks, again

“Someday the idea of an e-reader designed merely to read will seem as limiting as the cell phone that doesn’t receive emails or the desktop that won’t fit in your… READ MORE

More on Nabokov mess

If you’ve been trying to follow the whole tangled tale surrounding The Original of Laura, check out Robert McCrum’s very full overview here.

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