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November was National Diabetes Month!

Children with diabetes don’t have to give up their favorite dishes and snacks even though their meals need to be planned carefully, both for nutritional quality and quantity. Diabetes Snacks,… READ MORE

Happy Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month!

The number of people who adhere to gluten-free diets is on the rise, propelled by the growing population of people suffering from gluten intolerance or who have simply decided to… READ MORE

Recipe Picks for National Vegan Month

November is National Vegan Month, and Agate’s cookbooks are full of great recipes for those living a vegan lifestyle. If you or someone you know are looking for culinary inspiration,… READ MORE

Happy Publication Day to The Tahini Table!

The day has finally arrived! Agate’s newest cookbook, The Tahini Table by Amy Zitelman, is now available for purchase online or at your favorite local bookstore! Tahini, made from pressed… READ MORE

Agate Holiday Gift Picks for Foodies

For the Lake Lover HUNGRY FOR HARBOR COUNTRY Lindsay Navama Part cookbook, part travel guide, this book features more than 50 seasonal, allergy-friendly recipes that capture the beauty, charm, and… READ MORE

Q&A with Yvonne Maffei, author of My Halal Kitchen

Yvonne Maffei is the founder of the hugely popular cooking blog and Islamic lifestyle website My Halal Kitchen. Her book, My Halal Kitchen: Global Recipes, Cooking Tips, and Lifestyle Inspiration, celebrates halal… READ MORE

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