Kelly Rudnicki on WGN

Ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous Food Allergy Mama, breaking it down for you live yesterday afternoon.  

Leonard Pitts, Jr. Miami round-up

Last weekend, Leonard Pitts, Jr.–whose column for the Miami Herald won the Pulitzer a few years back–appeared at the Miami Book Fair, meeting his public and discussing his two new… READ MORE

Kooky marketing guys, at it again

Who knew anyone was doing stuff like this? I love the tagline: “another dramatic reading of an influential business book by Sir Wilton Norman Chamberlain III.” Very gratified that they’ve… READ MORE

What’s wrong with Gladwell

As a big Malcolm Gladwell fan, I appreciated this very thoughtful critique by Steven Pinker in the NYTBR–it’s so good it makes you wish it was longer. This is a… READ MORE

Great reviews

…for The Seasons on Henry’s Farm, one of the longest-gestating books we’ve published here. Congratulations to Terra Brockman, for whom this book is a labor of love in so many… READ MORE

Sell out, buy in

There’s not a lot I can recommend this for, except its willingness to take on–however ineptly–what I think has been the biggest cultural shift in America over the past 15… READ MORE

In praise of difficult books

I love this little project over at The Millions, one of my favorite literary sites. Fodder for countless arguments, especially in an era when “difficult” is ever more frequently interpreted… READ MORE

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