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Soup & Bread Cookbook
Soup & Bread Cookbook
Building Community One Pot at a Time
Martha Bayne

One of the top ten essential cookbooks for fall 2011.

-Time Out Chicago

Beautifully written, generous and honest, the book looks at community building through lenses as various and diverse as the country has to offer. Bayne finds people of many kinds – immigrants, nuns, urban farmers, artists and activists – each using soup to bring people together and knit up what has become unraveled.

-Eiren Caffall, Tikkun Daily

Everybody loves soup. But why?

Sure, it's nutritious, affordable, and infinitely variable. Soup can be a rustic meal in a bowl or a dainty palate cleanser. It can showcase the pure flavors of fresh spring peas or provide a last-ditch use for tired celery and the stalest bread. From borscht to pozole to udon, it's the hallmark of home cooking across cultures. It soothes the sick, it nourishes the poor--and it can trick children into eating their veggies. And, alone among foods, a pot of soup can be a powerful tool to both draw people together and help them to reach out to others.

The Soup & Bread Cookbook, inspired by author Martha Bayne's Soup & Bread series at Chicago's Hideout, aims to explore this social role of soup, in the midst of a collection of terrific, affordable recipes from food activists, chefs, and others, providing a quirky exploration of the cultural history of soup--and its natural ally, bread--as a tool for both building community and fostering social justice.

The social functions of soup don't stop at the soup kitchen door. Everyone's familiar with the "stone soup" fable — the tale of a hungry town that feeds itself when every citizen contributes something to the pot. But have you heard about Re-Thinking Soup, a weekly free soup lunch started in Chicago by Sam Kass, the Obamas' personal chef? Or about Empty Bowl, a nationwide grassroots effort to raise money for hunger relief by partnering with local arts groups?

Soup has a powerful effect on how people gather, eat, and share. A few years ago in Seattle, Knox Gardner had a brainstorm. Eating your way through a pot of soup day after day can get boring--why not get together and swap some with friends? The idea took off like chicken and noodles, and now neighbors across the country are getting together regularly for home-based "soup swaps," with a date at the end of January annually designated (by as National Soup Swap Day.

In Chicago, the arts collective InCUBATE uses soup as a microfunding tool. Each month since the Sunday Soup project launched in 2007, the group hosts a casual soup dinner for members and likeminded friends; the proceeds to go fund a different art project each month. And of course, soup can be a political statement: The radical volunteers of Food Not Bombs have been providing free vegetarian soup to the hungry as a protest against war and social injustice since 1980.

These are just a few examples of the stories Bayne wraps around a collection of delicious, accessible and tested soup recipes, the diversity of which epitomizes the wide-ranging potential of soup as a community building tool. "Celebrity" chef contributors share the pages with food activists, farmers, writers, soup geeks, and regular folks involved in grassroots food projects around the country.



Title Soup & Bread Cookbook
Subtitle Building Community One Pot at a Time
Edition First Edition
Author Martha Bayne
Audience 01 General / trade
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 206 p.
ISBN-10 1-57284-119-2
ISBN-13 978-1-57284-119-2
GTIN13 (EAN13) 9781572841192
Reference no. 978-1-57284-119-2
Publication Date 25 November 2011
Main content page count 206
Dimensions 6 x 7.5 in.
Weight 13 oz.
List Price $13.61
Format ePub
Nb of pages
ISBN-10 1572846895
ISBN-13 9781572846890
Publication Date 01 November 2011
List Price $9.99


Additional Materials

"In the past two years, [Martha Bayne's] effort, Soup and Bread, has raised more than $10,000 from patrons and the sale of a cookbook for local hunger-relief programs."
Soup & Bread on Lunchtime with WGN Midday News
Soup & Bread and Swim Cafe make Sweet Potato Soup with WGN Midday News (January 23, 2012).

Judith Dunbar Hines, contributor to the Chicago Sun-Times and manager at the Chicago Downtown Farmstand, uses Soup & Bread Cookbook to find inspiration for her weekly "Sunday Stewp" recipe.
Hideout bartender Martha Bayne started the “Soup & Bread” series in 2009 at the club...Bayne’s Soup & Bread Cookbook: Building Community One Pot at a Time will be released Nov. 1 by Agate Surrey press in Evanston.


Press Reviews

Time Out Chicago
Sep 22, 2011
If Soup & Bread sounds like a easy-going, heart-warming way to pass the brutal Chicago winters and wait out the even more brutal economic slowdown, it is. But it's also something more than that, and it's the connections between soup, identity, community and social justice that Bayne explores in a series of essays in this version of the book. That, and soup. So much soup. A book like this makes me think that really, I could live a lovely and fulfilling life and eat only soup.
- Julia Kramer

Today's Diet & Nutrition
Soup is sometimes more than soup. It's sustenance, comfort, a lifesaver, and a social glue. Martha Bayne explores the social function of soup, weaving stories of soup swaps, soup kitchens, and soup feasts in the Soup & Bread Cookbook: Building Community One Pot at a Time. The unique book gets its name from the dinner served weekly at the Hideout bar and music venue in Chicago. Begun by Bayne in 2009, the Soup & Bread series features soups by Chicago-area chefs and others served to guests whose donations benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository and other neighborhood food pantries. Many of those recipes have found their way into the book, a portion of the proceeds of which also benefit the depository. The recipes are inspired and the dishes outstanding, from Deli-Style Sweet and Sour Soup With Shredded Flank Steak to Vegan Pozole.

Mar 14, 2012
Soup and Bread is packed with no-frills, hearty, DIY flavor. Just like Chicago.
- Marla Seidell

Time Out Chicago Eat Out Awards 2012
MOST PALATABLE EVANGELISM Martha Bayne's Soup & Bread It seemed like just another excuse for Blue Liners to drink and brood together. But in the three years since Martha Bayne started Soup & Bread, a weekly event that runs from January to April at the Hideout, she’s proven that a modest idea—serve free soup, collect tips for hunger charities—can morph into a movement for social change. This year, Bayne published the Soup & Bread Cookbook, a collection of recipes and essays about various organizations that use soup to achieve their missions. It was on her book tour, though, that S&B really took off. Bayne hosted one-off soup nights in cities such as New York, Nashville, Philadelphia and Detroit, and in some of those cities, it stuck. Now, we have a choice: Soup & Bread at the Hideout, or Soup & Bread in Madison, Wisconsin. The Hideout, 1354 W Wabansia Ave.
- Time Out Chicago

Grubstreet Chicago
Dec 19, 2011
Holiday must-read 'feel-good' book...Eating soup is like a warm hug on the inside—much needed when dealing with winter's annual cold slap in the face. So, we can't help but love Martha Bayne's Soup & Bread Cookbook, which details the weekly series at the Hideout that brings all facets of the community together for soup and bread for a good cause.

Chicago Sun-Times
Jan 3, 2012
The book was designed to share with readers a sense of the people making them, tell their stories, and expand the community.
- Judith Dundar Hines

Library Journal
Here you'll find culturally diverse, vegan-friendly, and technically accessible soups perfect for feeding a crowd or stocking your freezer. This book's successful balance of utilitarian and gourmet recipes will please many.
- Lisa Campbell

Tikkun Daily
Nov 14, 2011
Beautifully written, generous and honest, the book looks at community building through lenses as various and diverse as the country has to offer. Bayne finds people of many kinds – immigrants, nuns, urban farmers, artists and activists – each using soup to bring people together and knit up what has become unraveled.
- Eiren Caffall

Chicago Tribune
Oct 26, 2011
[Soup & Bread] has grown to a weekly event feeding 100 people and raising thousands of dollars to fight hunger.... In her new book, Bayne shares the recipes that have warmed those many souls.
- Joe Gray

There are a lot of interesting soup recipes in Soup & Bread, but to me the most motivating element of the book is...the various ways that people can use soup to "build community one pot at a time," as the book's subtitle puts it...Ultimately, it's as much about community as it is about the soup.
- Linda Falkenstein

Chicago Home + Garden
Dec 2, 2011
Great cookbook...yet another great little somethin' for somebody special who loves them some soup and carbs.
- Gina Bazer

The Record/Herald News
Jan 4, 2012
The concept is simple and the results have had a profound effect...Whether you are inspired to start your own philanthropic dinners or simply make these soups for your family and friends, "Soup & Bread" is an important book that draws together some of the significant issues of our time, through a simple bowl of soup.
- Susan Sherrill

Chicago Reader
Oct 27, 2011
Martha Bayne's new book is a reflection on the cultural importance of soup as much as a cookbook...The book reflects the almost palpable enthusiasm for soup that can be felt at the [Soup & Bread] events.
- Julia Thiel

Baltimore Restaurant Examiner
Oct 4, 2011
One of the most thought-provoking (and appetizing!) books I've picked up in a long time.
- Tamar Fleishman

Pop Sugar
Nov 28, 2011
Top five holiday gift for Chicago Foodies...The perfect gift for anyone who's trying to survive a Chicago Winter.
- Kate Stahl

A.V. Club
Oct 19, 2011
Soup & Bread has been a Chicago institution since it took over wintery Wednesday nights at The Hideout...[Soup & Bread Cookbook] brings together a charming array of soup facts, recipes, and images that make readers just long for cold nights with a bowl of something starchy and pureed.

Oct 5, 2011
Stunning to read or just stare at for hours.
- Chuck Sudo

The Local Beet
Nov 30, 2011
Bayne stirs up an inspiring, joyful and delicious celebration of shared connections. It's gratifying to know, too, that a portion of the book’s sales is donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Deck the halls with bowls of soup!
- Kim Bartko

Nashville Scene
Nov 29, 2011
Author Martha Bayne and designer Sheila Sachs...inspire you with their amazing story.
- Nicki Wood

Chicago Journal
Oct 26, 2011
There are oodles of recipes — nine chilis alone — but Bayne has added a narrative full of history and stories about soup...the book is a handsome package.
- Rebecca Lomax

Dining Chicago
The family-friendly soup feasts are free, but collect donations for local food pantries and hunger-relief organizations, such as the Casa Catalina Basic Human Needs Center in Back of the Yards. Last year, the effort raised more than $10,000.
- Leah Zeldes

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