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The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook
The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook
The Delicious Way to Strengthen Your Immune System and Neutralize Inflammation

The recipes in this book are fantastic.

--Gluten Free Girl and the Chef

From Annalise Roberts, celebrated author of the bestselling Gluten-Free Baking Classics, comes her first full-scale gluten-free cookbook—a breakthrough in healthier eating, featuring 100 great new recipes. The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook is a distinct departure from other diet cookbooks. Roberts and co-author Dr. Claudia Pillow, Ph.D. (her sister and partner in the website) focus on how you can manage daily food-related decisions in order to strengthen your immune system, prevent disease, and lose weight by eating real food.

Conceived as part science-based diet book, and part cookbook, The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook provides food choice explanations and guidance, cooking advice, and flavorful, culturally diverse recipes. But unlike most diet cookbooks, this new book also includes simple, practical, easy-to-understand cooking instruction. The book starts with a basic explanation of the health benefits of gluten-aware eating, and then delves deeper into how basic food choices can improve one's life and health. With their focus on cooking instruction and technique, the authors launch the recipe portion of the book with sauces and gravies, which are the cornerstone to being able to make all kinds of delicious meals. Included are more than twelve innovative recipes for sauce and soup bases and traditional gravies that feature pureed vegetables to thicken and enhance flavor in lieu of flour and fats. A more traditional recipe for Gluten-free Roux and Classic Cheese Sauce is included at the end.

The rest of the book is laid out like a classic cookbook: soup, chowders, and chili recipes are showcased in Chapter 6. The authors zero in on the art and science of making good tasting vegetables in Chapter 7. Chapter 8 has their short list of grain-based recipes. A rich variety of fish, poultry and meat recipes are detailed in Chapters 9 through 11. And Chapter 12 features twelve delightful desserts, many of which do not involve baking. These are the recipes the authors make everyday in our own homes, the ones that our family and friends look forward to, and the ones they count on to help make their family's meal times both healthy and happy.

The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook is sure to appeal not only to fans of Annalise Roberts's earlier books, but also to anyone interested in learning how gluten-free cooking can improve their health, prevent disease, and promote weight loss.


Title The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook
Subtitle The Delicious Way to Strengthen Your Immune System and Neutralize Inflammation
Edition First Edition
Imprint Surrey
Audience 01 General / trade
Title First Published 10 December 2009
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 299 p.
ISBN-10 1-57284-105-2
ISBN-13 978-1-57284-105-5
GTIN13 (EAN13) 9781572841055
Publication Date 10 December 2009
Main content page count 299
Dimensions 7 x 9 in.
Weight 20 oz.
List Price $11.37
Format PDF
Nb of pages 299 p.
ISBN-10 1572846607
ISBN-13 9781572846609
Main content page count 299
List Price $9.99


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Press Reviews
Feb 10, 2010
"I have yet to find a recipe that does not work from this book. If you are new to gluten free, or even if you are just looking to perfect a gf baking recipe, I suggest you check out Annalise G. Roberts' Gluten-Free Baking Classics."
- Nadine Grzeskowiak
Jan 1, 2010
"These recipes would appeal to anyone, not just coeliacs or the gluten-intolerant (and the authors do a good job of explaining the difference). In fact, using these recipes, you could eliminate a lot of gluten from your diet without noticing."

The Suburban Jungle
If you've ever thought about going gluten-free or even want to know WHY it's important, then this book is for you. It begins with an overview of what and why gluten can be dangerous. It then goes into how to cook correctly, and then starts on recipes....I'd recommend you check it out - for an education and for the recipes.

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Reader Comments

Reader comment | Aug 4, 2010, Nancy
This is my 3rd book I've bought by Annalise Roberts. They are fantastic! I particularly like the first section in this book that details in very clear ways what is happening to our health due to our food. Thank you for publishing her books.