The Perfect Croissant

The Perfect Croissant

Step-by-Step Instructions Plus Fabulous Fillings

by Dee Coutelle

Published by: Agate Digital

79 Pages

  • eBook
  • 9781572844759
  • Published: November 2014
From French cuisine to American brunches, croissants are a staple of many sumptuous meals. But few home cooks understand how to create the perfect balance of light, buttery dough with delicately flaky layers. Culinary instructor Dee Coutelle has been specializing in croissants for over 30 years, and will reveal her pastry secrets in this digital update of The Perfect Croissant.

In this delightful book, readers will find croissants surprisingly easy to create, mostly taking far less than an hour of working time. The first section of the book is devoted to the foundational recipe for the perfect croissant, providing helpful photographs and illustrations to demystify each step.

From there, The Perfect Croissant features over 70 recipes for fillings, toppings, and variations, including both sweet and savory options. Readers will find recipes for sweet apple turnovers, almond butter-filled pastries, Chicken en Croute (chicken wrapped in flaky croissant dough), and many more ideas within pages of each other. For cooks looking to experiment, the book contains a chapter on novel croissant forms, offering detailed instructions on how to create a croissant in exciting shapes.

The Perfect Croissant will liven up brunch receptions with pinwheel-shaped croissants filled with custard, spice up cocktail hour with egg-roll croissant hors d'oeuvres, and enrich dessert with chocolate dough croissants filled with liquored fudge,and topped with a chocolate glaze.