Celebrate National Cookbook Month with our Surrey titles!

Happy National Cookbook Month! Agate has published dozens of award-winning books on food, dining, nutrition, and more through our Surrey imprint. Our cookbooks have been authored by Food Network stars, James Beard Award winners, and notable food journalists and bloggers. Check out some of our favorite Surrey titles below to discover dozens of delicious new recipes!


The Tahini Table

By Amy Zitelman

Most people who are familiar with tahini know it as a key ingredient in hummus. In The Tahini Table, however, Soom Foods CEO Amy Zitelman demonstrates the far-reaching culinary potential of this delicious sesame paste.

Written with the home cook in mind, Zitelman’s new book showcases tahini’s versatility as a healthy, vegan alternative to eggs, cheese, mayo, and cream. The book features 100 unique recipes that take the condiment beyond its traditional Middle Eastern fare—including vegan mac n cheese, tahini chicken schnitzel, chocolate halvah French toast, and more.


The Indian Slow Cooker

By Anupy Singla

Since its initial release in 2010, Anupy Singla’s The Indian Slow Cooker has become a staple for home cooks looking to make authentic, healthy Indian food.

This updated second edition includes 70 delicious recipes—all uniquely developed for the slow cooker. These simple and convenient meals offer an accessible introduction to Indian classics such as dal, palak paneer, butter chicken, and more.


Hungry for Harbor Country

By Lindsay Navama

Lindsay Navama’s Hungry for Harbor Country is more than just a cookbook—it’s also a travel guide and a personal reflection on a lifechanging year spent in southwest Michigan.

At the core of Navama’s cookbook is Harbor Country: a popular midwestern vacation spot known for its tiny towns, freshwater beaches, and rolling countryside. Drawing on the charm and passion of the area’s local food community, this book features 56 delicious, seasonal, and allergy-friendly recipes that will satisfy any craving.



By Jacquelyn Dodd

From the creator of the award-winning website The Beeroness comes this delightful season-by-season celebration of produce and craft beer.

Lush features 80 delicious recipes—all of which combine fruits, vegetables, and beer to achieve delightfully complex flavors. From Gochujang ISA Shakshuka to Grilled Apricot Saison Shortcakes to Doppelbock Rutabaga Mash, this cookbook is packed with mouth-watering recipes for every season.


Grandbaby Cakes

By Jocelyn Delk Adams

The debut cookbook from food writer Jocelyn Delk Adams, Grandbaby Cakes is a love letter to baking and its power to bring families together across generations.

Featuring 50 brilliant recipes—from pound cakes and layer cakes to sheet cakes and “baby” cakes (cupcakes and cakelettes)—this collection is equal parts Southern charm and fresh Midwestern flavor. Adams’s bold, modern takes on classic recipes are full of heart and soul that will inspire bakers everywhere.

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