Happy Publication Day to Richard Branson: In His Own Words!


Richard Branson: In His Own Words is now available for purchase online and at your favorite local bookstore! The latest in Agate’s In Their Own Words series, this collection contains more than 300 quotes from Richard Branson, the founder and chairman behind the venture capital conglomerate known as the Virgin Group.

Generating more than $21 billion dollars in global revenue each year, the Virgin Group is comprised of hundreds of different companies—including Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, and Virgin Megastores, to name a few. Beyond his business ventures, however, Branson has become a prominent global figure known for his eccentricity, adventurousness, and philanthropy. He has been knighted for his services to entrepreneurship, and he has received honors from organizations across the world including the United Nations, The Recording Academy, and the Business for Peace Foundation.

Updated and redesigned since its initial publication as Virgin Rebel in 2013, Richard Branson: In His Own Words has been carefully curated from op-eds, interviews, social media, and more. The book provides an intimate look inside the mind of “England’s most outrageous billionaire,” spanning topics such as entrepreneurship, politics, music, and beyond. Suitable for the business-minded or the everyday reader, this collection offers a comprehensive look at Branson’s turbulent journey to the top—and all of the wisdom he has gained along the way.

Purchase Richard Branson: In His Own Words on IndieBound, Amazon, or directly from Agate.

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