Backlist Spotlight: Chicago Flashback: The People and Events that Shaped a City’s History

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With the first month of the year already under our belts, we’ve solidified our resolutions, celebrated new beginnings, and are looking forward to all that 2022 will bring, but have we taken a moment to look back? What steps have we accomplished to be where we are today? Whose hands paved the way for our growth? And how much do we know about the Windy City we call home?

Founded in 1837, Chicago has a rich history full of bustling community, nation-altering change, and long-forgotten city treasures, all of which have been recorded by the Chicago Tribune for over 170 years. Chicago Flashback: The People and Events That Shaped a City’s History is a collection of the Tribune’s most interesting flashback features ranging from significant events to the opinions of the average citizen. You can follow the formation of the city during its industrial beginnings, witness the art and amusement movements that kept the community alive, and learn about the key people whose influence shaped the country’s third largest city. The pages are chock-full of black and white photos through the decades which serve to complement the story the book paints. With 100 different features and pictures to browse through, this narrative time capsule is the perfect coffee table accessory and tribute to Chicago’s legacy.

The Chicago Flashback, much like Agate’s Vintage Chicago, a photo book of Chicago through the ages, connects us to the Chicago lives that came before us. We are not as different from people in the past as we might think. They smiled in pictures, preferred certain eateries over others, and pushed for change where change was needed, just like us. While we embark on this new year, don’t forget to remember our history—to appreciate it and to learn from it.

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