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Steve Jobs, CEO of the decade

Has any CEO ever even had a year as good as Jobs did in 2001, in what otherwise was probably the bleakest year in the past four decades? “Over the… READ MORE

Or is the problem that ebook readers suck?

Wired–usually the biggest digital book cheerleaders out there–unleashing some very weird spin on ebook readers, citing “industry experts” who aren’t drinking the Kindle Kool-Aid (Nook Juice?) quite yet. Um, guys–it’s… READ MORE

The emerging model?

Well, here’s one problem: “Writer empowerment: Empowering anyone passionate in writing to become a writer.” Not sure that being passionate “in writing” is really what we want, or need. But… READ MORE

Still crushing it

I’ve been following the Gary Vaynerchuk phenomenon with equal parts awe and…well, not sure how to describe that other equal part, but you have to admit the guy’s a phenomenon… READ MORE

Evolve or die, independent bookstores

Seen this linked to in several places today. Lots of good stuff for those concerned about independent bookstores, but be warned–the authors freely admit that they have a whiteboard in… READ MORE

Redesigned LRB

Total rehaul over at the London Review of Books site. These kinds of things always get me juiced. If you’re not already reading it, you should–it’s easily one of the… READ MORE

Problems reading

Mark Sarvas of The Elegant Variation blog, decrying a problem to which he admits contributing.

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